Our Client's Testimonials



Chris  has been my go-to for bodywork for near to 10 years. Chris even made  house calls to me during my pregnancy to help relive my discomfort. I  don’t know anyone who knows and understands the body, both physically  and energetically, like he does. To say  he’s good at what he does is an understatement. He is one of the best.  Even living 250 miles from where he practices hasn’t stopped me from  seeing him. You’re the best Chris!

 Jessie Van Ryn  


Chris  is a miracle worker. Before Chris started working with me, I had  constant back pain from sitting all day in my office chair. My back  would "give out" several times a year. It was so bad that I would have  to miss work and I could barely walk. A year and a half later, I have  yet to have a single new episode. I see Chris once a week. He has a  client for life

Mitchel N

 Weston Florida


When  I came to Chris my back would go out every 4 months or so. I would go  to Chris and an Hour and a half later, walk out Pain Free. One day Chris  asked me if I would be intrested in getting weekly treatments to  Get rid of the cause of this reocurring  back pain once and for all. I  asked if he would come to my Home. Long story short I have been Pain  free for years now. 

Every now and then I still call him for a tuneup. 

Thank you Chris Rutherford, Life is GOOD again

A. M.  Weston Fl

After  suffering with plantar fasciitis for over 2 years, Chris was the only  remedy. I am forever thankful for his healing power.

Thanks Chris!!!

Stacey P   Weston Fl

  Chris  at Pain-Eliminator is the real deal!! No fluff!  He is a consummate  professional, highly trained and skilled hands. His knowledge of  structure and function of the body is outstanding and very comforting.   If you have pain... this is the guy!! Money well spent!!

 Christine F  Miami Fl