Regain your Balance



 The techniques used in CSI will help you as a client achieve the following goals. 
These techniques are time tested and proven to be the
Ultimate Rehabilitation

      Gain an additional 50% muscle strength, coordination and balance
       Prevent devastating injuries
       Greatly increase stamina and endurance
       Break through limitations that have held you back
       Achieve a structural balance that will lead to maximum physical potential
       Improve hand eye coordination 

Rehabilitating Your Injuries

   Dramatically speed up the time necessary for rehabilitation
        Gain strength and stability in joints that were weakened even before the injury
        Release and normalize scar tissue and adhesions
        Regain lost flexibility and maximum range of motion
       Extending Your Athletic Careers
         Experience fewer injuries
         Reduce healing time after injuries
         Achieve long lasting endurance and stamina
         Retain flexibility and maximum range of motion
         Reduce the effect from previous injuries
         Maintain structural balance which leads to maximum performance